When hearing the word‘ Liebherr’, some people will think of refrigerators and freezers. However, the German Hans Liebherr invented the tower crane in 1949. His company helped to rebuild Germany after the war and at the same time, the company developed into the tower crane manufacturer.

At the end of 1950, it was difficult to obtain cogwheels. In order to solve this problem, Liebherr started his own cogwheel production line. And when a couple of years later, he hired an excavator and was dissatisfied with it, he developed his own improved, lighter version.

Liebherr always continued to see opportunities and markets, and he started producing refrigerators. Five years later, he started making parts for the aviation industry. Nowadays, Liebherr is a world specialist in the development and production of cranes, excavators, shovels and tipper trucks.

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