The Pel-Job Group from the French town of Annecy-le-Vieux, was one of the leading manufacturers in the field of mini excavators in Europe. Apart from mini excavators, Pel-Job also produced wheel loaders, dumpers and earth-moving machines. Volvo took over Pel-Job in 1995.

As the Pel-Job company no longer exists, it is difficult to find appropriate spare parts. However, VemaTrack has a complete range of undercarriage components for your Pel-Job excavator or wheel loader. VemaTrack delivers fast and worldwide, wherever your machine is located. If you are looking for aftermarket products, such as front wheels or chains for your Pel-Job machine, then VemaTrack is the right address. VemaTrack is at home on any terrain, and delivers what you demand.

Are you looking for competitively priced undercarriage components for your Pel-Job? Use your Pel-Job machine’s OEM number or type number to make a search in the search engine.


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