Shantui is a Chinese company that was founded in 1980. In China, it is known as the bulldozer king. Besides bulldozers Shantui also produces loaders, fire engines, cherry pickers and cranes.
The company is one of the 50 largest manufacturers of construction equipment in the world and one of the 500 best manufacturers in China.

Shantui constantly focuses on technical innovation and sustainable development. It is one of the most renowned manufacturers in the field of research, production possibilities and product quality. Various research centres in China are connected with Shantui.

The Shandong Heavy Industry Group was founded in June 2009, and Shantui became one of its subsidiaries.

When one of your Shantui bulldozer or cherry picker components is broken, you will want to have the undercarriage component quickly. VemaTrack delivers spare parts, such as chains and rubber tracks, anywhere in the world. We deliver robust, sound and wear-resistant aftermarket products from stock.

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