Vematrack track shoes for
excavators & bulldozers

We use high-grade steel for all VemaTrack track shoes, which we harden to 43-47 RC. The combination of the steel quality and the hardening process is the guarantee for high wear resistance. In order to safeguard the quality and to be sure of the required tolerances, we conduct standard batch inspections in the factory.

The vematrack range consists of:

  • Track shoes for excavators from 220 mm to 1500 mm wide.
  • Track shoes for bulldozers from 22” (560 mm) to 36” (915 mm) wide.

Vematrack supplies the following types of track shoes:

  • Single grouser track shoes for bulldozers.
  • Double grouser track shoes for heavier machinery or loaders.
  • Triple grouser track shoes for excavators.
  • Track shoes for standard applications and extreme applications (ESS).
  • Special track shoes, which are made for specific applications. Examples of this are: curved track shoes, asymmetric track shoes and oblique or flat track shoes.

How can you recognise the wear patterns of track shoes?

An excavator’s track shoes need to be replaced when the bolt heads are at the same height as the track shoe grousers. The bolt heads are never intended to bear the machine. The bolts wear along with the shoes until the track shoes break or crack due to overloading. For bulldozers, the rule of thumb is: bolt head height, times three. The track shoe grousers should grip into the soil to move the machine. The lower the grousers, the smaller the load that can be moved. Also, loose track shoes, often with worn out holes, are ready for replacement.

track shoe widths

The wider the shoes, the higher the pressure on the links between the pins and the bushings. A track shoe that is too big will increase the wear process of the caterpillar chain and consequently the chance of a chain breakage.
A track shoe should be adjusted to the terrain on which the machine is working. The wider the track shoe, the lower the ground pressure per cm2 , but the greater the wear on the entire running mechanism.

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