Vematrack rubber pads for
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VemaTrack rubber pads are available for the range of 2 to 25 ton excavators. We use Japanese OEM quality rubber. VemaTrack rubber pads are individually vulcanised rubber pads with a metal core. You can easily mount rubber pads onto the chain or track shoes of an excavator or other construction equipment. Just as with conventional steel track shoes. Rubber pads serve as an alternative for steel track shoes in order to prevent damaging the soil. Whereas smaller machines use rubber tracks, larger machines are mounted with rubber pads.

Vematrack rubber pads are available in three types:

  • VemaTrack Clip-on rubber pads: these rubber pads are as it were clamped around the shoe.
  • VemaTrack Bolt-on rubber pads: these rubber pads can be screwed onto the track shoes.
  • VemaTrack chain-on rubber pads: these rubber pads are mounted directly onto the chain.
  • VemaTrack polyurethane chain-on: in this case, the polyurethane is directly poured onto the track shoe. This material has excellent resistance to wear, is pressure-resistant, is very resilient and is resistant to e.g. oils, petrol and greases.
rubber pads vematrack

Quality retention

The most important thing about a rubber pad is the adhesion of the pad’s rubber to the steel. For optimal adhesion of the pad, a coating must be applied to the steel. This coating ensures that any rusting process in the steel is reduced to a minimum. If the coating is not done, or not done properly, cracks may form. This may cause the rubber pads to come loose. In short, the coating prevents unnecessary wear to the rubber pads.

How can you recognise the wear patterns of rubber pads?

Rubber pads are used when the substrate, e.g. the asphalt or pavement, may not be damaged. If the steel parts protrude through the rubber due to rubber pad wear, then it is time to replace them. If they are not replaced, the steel parts will still damage the substrate.

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