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Arox Equipment is a recognized player in the Romanian independent market of heavy duty equipment spare parts and assemblies, for the construction, mining and other industrial sectors. It has significant market exposure and national distribution capabilities and a portfolio of several world leading brands that it represents and promotes in Romania.

Parts make the world

Arox Equipment was established in spring 2008 and is part of a group of companies that run businesses in sectors such as, mining and agricultural equipment, oil and gas service, production of buckets and metal structures, construction of prefabricated passive houses.

Though the companies in the group have different profiles, they are all linked together.

The offices and main warehouse are located in NW Romania in the city of Tautii Magheraus. The company holds 300 m² of office space and a 1000 m² warehouse. All imports are warehoused here and the merchandise is dispatched to customers throughout the country from this location.

Loyal to quality assurance policy, Arox Equipment has grown steadily since its foundation – in early 2008. The current portfolio of clients exceeds 1500 companies from various industries, with various sizes and profiles:

  • Large companies activating in equipment rental segment, demolition, mining, waste management, quarries and surface mines, large-scale construction (tunnels, dams, highways, bridges, land reclamation), logistics etc.
  • Small and medium companies operating light construction equipment
  • Maintenance and repair workshops
  • Resellers

Arox Equipment Srl



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