Maintenance of rubber tracks

A mini excavator is a versatile vehicle for various terrains. To properly maintain the tracks and know when to replace them, here are some guidelines.

How do you measure your rubber tracks?

Door frequent gebruik zullen de onderdelen van je rijwerk uiteindelijk slijten en toe zijn aan vervanging. Maar hoe kun je vaststellen wanneer het tijd is om deze onderdelen te vernieuwen? In [...]

How long will my rubber tracks last?

The lifespan of your rubber tracks is impacted by certain factors including the quality, frequency of use, surface on which you drive and maintenance level. To achieve a longer lifespan, it is [...]

When should I replace my rubber tracks?

Due to the frequent use of your machine, it is unavoidable that your rubber tracks will eventually wear out. The moment you have to repair your rubber track depends on the wear you have on the [...]

Replacing your rubber track in 10 steps

When your rubber tracks has stretched, the profile has faded or when the rubber track is even torn, it is necessary to replace your track as soon as possible. Replacing your rubber track is [...]

How long will an undercarriage last?

One of the questions that is asked during basically all sales talks regarding undercarriage parts is how long the undercarriage will last. Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question directly [...]

Mounting chains in the correct direction

Chains are increasingly mounted under machines by users themselves. And let’s be honest, you don’t need to be a genius to screw a track shoe onto a chain. And yet we still receive multiple calls [...]

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