When should I replace my rubber tracks?

Due to the frequent use of your machine, it is unavoidable that your rubber tracks will eventually wear out. The moment you have to repair your rubber track depends on the wear you have on the [...]

The 3 advantages of AVT Rubber tracks

In addition to its regular rubber tracks, VemaTrack also supplies AVT rubber tracks for a selection of machines. AVT stands for Anti Vibration Tracks. These rubber tracks contain lugs in the [...]

Replacing your rubber track in 10 steps

When your rubber tracks has stretched, the profile has faded or when the rubber track is even torn, it is necessary to replace your track as soon as possible. Replacing your rubber track is [...]

How long will an undercarriage last?

One of the questions that is asked during basically all sales talks regarding undercarriage parts is how long the undercarriage will last. Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question directly [...]

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