No other chains are as high quality as VemaTrack


The Finnish Salaojitus Leppinen Oy performs field drainage and other earthworks, such as piping works, ditch excavations and field clearings. Excavators and other earthmoving machines are in busy use at the excavation sites. “We have used VemaTrack oil lubricated track chains in our crawler. We usually dig about 200 kilometres of ditches per year, which means that the chains run under load three or four times that amount. Especially in dry summers, the load on the chains is high. VemaTrack's chains have lasted very well in every condition.” The company has been operating for over 30 years. Over the years, Leppinen has used chains from other manufacturers as well. “No other chains are as high quality as VemaTrack. As a contractor, it is very important to find a reliable manufacturer, as there are all kinds of products on the market,” says Leppinen. “We also found that the quality of VemaTrack wearing parts such as bottom rollers and top rollers is really good. We can highly recommend VemaTrack products to others.”    

Martti Leppinen, Salaojitus Leppinen Ltd - Finland


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