The difference between long pitch and short pitch rubber tracks

At VemaTrack, we have several types of rubber tracks in our assortment. We have short pitch and long pitch rubber tracks. When you are looking for a new rubber track, you usually don’t have the choice between short and long pitch. Most machines can only drive on one of the two. We will explain the differences between long and short pitch rubbertracks in this blog.

long pitch short pitch

Long pitch vs short pitch rubber tracks

Short pitch rubber tracks, as the name implies, have shorter lugs than long pitch rubber tracks. The short pitch means that the track grips every tooth in the sprocket, resulting in less vibration and less wear on the undercarriage and undercarriage parts.  Short pitch rubber tracks run smoothly and provide more comfort while driving.

Long pitch rubber tracks have longer lugs, which causes them to skip a tooth in the sprocket. This makes the machine run less smoothly. As a result, the undercarriage will wear out more quickly. On the other hand, long pitch rubber tracks have less trouble with packing in sandy soil, which can be an advantage in some operations.

Which pitch for your machine?

Not sure whether you need long or short pitch for your machine, or don’t know which is the best choice? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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