Which rubber pads do I need for my excavator?

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Small machines with tracks often have an undercarriage with rubber tracks. Larger machines use steel tracks, where rubber pads can be fitted on. Rubber pads are an excellent alternative to steel tracks to prevent damage to the ground. VemaTrack has a wide range of different types of rubber pads that can be mounted on the machine’s chain or track.

All VemaTrack rubber pads are individually vulcanized with a metal core. They are suitable for machines between 2 and 25 tonnes. The rubber that is used in the pads is of Japanese OEM quality.

Different types of rubber track pads

VemaTrack offers different types of rubber track pads, each of which is fitted in a different way and suitable for different operations.

  • Chain-on rubber pads – Are mounted directly on the chain. These pads are a durable solution and are suitable for intensive use.
  • Bolt-on rubber pads – Are screwed onto the track plates. These pads are an extremely durable solution for intensive use. Bolt-on pads are easy to (dis)assemble, making your machine usable for various surfaces. The bolt-on pads are screwed to the track plate, making them more resistant to tougher conditions.
  • Clip-on rubber pads – Are clamped around the plate. These pads are usually a cheaper option and are, compared to bolt-on pads, quicker to (dis)assemble. . Clip-on pads can be mounted on current plates.


If you are looking for pads for asphalt pavers or milling machines, road pads are a better option.

  • rubber road pads: the rubber is vulcanised directly onto a steel track plate. Road pads are an extremely durable solution and are suitable for intensive use.
  • Polyurethane road pads: the polyurethane is moulded directly onto the track plate. This material is extremely wear-resistant, suitable for heavy machinery, has great resilience and is resistant to, for instance, oils, petrol and grease.

More information about rubber pads

You can read more on the page about rubber pads. In the leaflet about rubber pads, you can also read about the dimensions. Want to know which rubber track pads you need for your machine? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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