Work more safely and efficiently with the VemaTrack portable track press

Besides various undercarriage parts, VemaTrack also has a mobile track press in its range. The track press can press a pin out of the undercarriage chain quickly, safely and easily, and can be used on all brands of excavators with pins between 19.3 and 60.2 mm in diameter. In addition, it can be used on both oil-lubricated and dry track links. 

The advantages of a VemaTrack mobile track press

kettingpers hangendThere are a lot of advantages to the portable track press:

  • Prevents damage to the undercarriage travel drives and/or idlers, as the pin is not knocked out with a large hammer.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Can be operated either electrically or manually, making it usable in any location.
  • It is safer and more ergonomic to work with a track press instead of hammering out the pin yourself.
  • Comes in a complete track press box that contains all the items you need, including a hydraulic pump, hoses and a stand.

How do I use the track press?

You use the track press by aligning it with the pin you want to remove. You then press the pin out of the track link, after which you can quickly and safely press a new pin into the track link. Want a detailed explanation of how the track press works? Then watch the video below.

Interested in a VemaTrack portable track press? Then contact us directly.


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