The 3 advantages of Anti Vibration Rubber Tracks (AVT)

In addition to its regular rubber tracks, VemaTrack also supplies AVT rubber tracks for a selection of machines. AVT stands for Anti Vibration Tracks. These rubber tracks contain lugs in the shape of wedges, so there is continuous contact between the rollers and the lugs.

De most important advantages of AVT tracks are:rubber tracks anti vibration

  • The vibration level is lower (up to 75% less!);
  • There is less wear on the undercarriage (especially in the idlers, upper and lower rollers and sprockets);
  • There is more comfort for the operator.

Because there is less wear on the undercarriage of the machine, the machine is less likely to come to a standstill, which also means that there are lower maintenance costs for your undercarriage. In addition, it is more comfortable for the operator to drive on AVT rubber tracks, as there is less vibration.

When to choose for AVT rubber tracks?

AVT tracks are mainly chosen when you work a lot on hard and flat surfaces. When working on loamy or soft surfaces, it is better to choose regular rubber tracks. Dirt can accumulate between the lugs. This is called packing.

Are you looking for new rubber tracks and do you doubt whether you should use AVT rubber tracks or regular rubber tracks on your machine? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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