Vematrack rubber tracks for
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rubbertracksVemaTrack supplies rubber tracks in the range from 13 cm (130 mm) to 100 cm (1,000 mm) wide. This extensive range of rubber tracks is available for all types of earth-moving machines such as: all excavators, crawler-mounted dumpers and track loaders. VemaTrack rubber track quality is unquestionably equivalent to that of OEM brands. All VemaTrack rubber tracks have steel wire incorporated. Moreover, our enormous stock enables us to supply any rubber track quickly.

Rubber track weight

While many competitors use recycled rubber, VemaTrack uses a special compound of pure natural rubber. Tracks with recycled rubber are heavier, but certainly not stronger – so weight is not all-important.

Rubber track dimensions

Machine builders define which rubber tracks run best under their undercarriage. They make the choice between long pitch rubber tracks and short pitch rubber tracks, depending on the choice of bottom rollers, final drive and sprocket width.

  • Long pitch rubbertracks, have few lugs. They have a larger pitch size than short pitch rubber tracks. The lugs run on every other sprocket tooth.
  • Short pitch rubbertracks, have double the number of lugs. They have a smaller pitch size than long pitch rubber tracks. The lugs run in each sprocket tooth, so that the machine runs with less vibration. With short pitch rubber tracks, the chance of packing (soil accumulation between the lugs) is greater than with long pitch rubber tracks. Note that although short pitch rubber tracks offer more comfort for the operator than long pitch rubber tracks, short pitch rubber tracks are not the same as Anti Vibrate Tracks (AVT).

AVT rubber tracks

AVT stands for Anti Vibrate Tracks. The advantages of AVT tracks include: less vibration, less wear and more comfort for the operator. AVT rubber tracks are often chosen when working a lot on hard flat surfaces. Regular rubber tracks are recommended when working on loamy and soft surfaces. A disadvantage of AVT rubber tracks is namely that debris and soil can accumulate between the lugs (packing).

how can you recognise the wear patterns of rubber tracks?

Some common wear patterns on rubber tracks from practice are:

  • When the lug has visible damage, then there is a big chance that the sprocket tooth has come into contact with the lug.
  • The cutting blade (or cutting edge) has cut into the track; you can recognise this by a cut in the rubber track.
  • Lugs that have rusted away; this can occur when working in sea areas, acid soils, alkaline-containing raw materials, or compost. In these cases, it is even more important to clean the undercarriage regularly.
  • Cracks on the outside without any damage on the inside. This is caused by sharp materials infiltrating from the outside. If there is no damage to the steel cables inside the rubber tracks, you can keep on using the machine as usual.
  • UV light makes the rubber become porous, which may cause cracks.
  • External rubber wear can also be caused by frequent tilting. You can keep on using the rubber tracks as long as no steel cables are visible.

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